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Edith L. Tiempo, was born on April 22, 1919. Like Jose Garcia Villa, she is known to be one of the best Filipino writers in English. This poet, fictionist, teacher and literary critic’s style are characterized by a remarkable fusion of style and substance, of craftsmanship and insight. Her use of the English language has been marked as descriptive but unburdened by scrupulous detailing.

Her poems are intricate verbal transfigurations of significant experiences as revealed, in two of her much anthologized pieces, “Bonsai” and “The Little Marmoset.” A number of her poems were included in books of compiled poems like: “The Tracks of Babylon and Other Poems” and “The Charmer’s Box and Other Poems”

Her works in fiction were also morally profound. Her published books include the novels “The Alien Corn,” “The Native Coast” and “A Blade of Fern.” Her book, a compilation of short stories entitled “Abide, Joshua, and Other Stories” was published in 1964.

She and her late husband Edilberto K. Tiempo are very influential in Philippine literature in English. They founded and directed the Silliman National Writers Workshop in Dumagete City. The annual workshop has produced some of today’s best poets and writers.

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