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Danny So

Danny So

Danny So is a Filipino badminton player and member of Philippine team participated in the 1966 Triangular Meet in Vietnam. The Philippine team with (Conrado Co, Jaime Gapas, Renato Navarro and Armando Yanga) achieved its first team championship. Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam participated in this tournament. Danny So, is of Chinese decent from the Fujian province, and is a fluent speaker in Fukien (Hokien) and Mandarin.

Famous Quotes from Danny So:

"When I speak to one, I speak to all!!!" - Danny says this during an intense training day of reviewing the fundamentals of the backhand shot to one of his students, when he was being "lazy" and trying to find "an easy way out".

"If it wasn't for that headless chicken..." - referring to his doubles partner in a certain tournament where he only achieved second place.

"You're not serious ahh..." or "Still not good enough." or "I want something harder" - to his students, a times where they are not seriously training.

"Cannot be." - referring to anything that simply "cannot be." (E.g. Danny being beaten by a small French lad)

"I am a coach that knows how to teach, many other coaches here have the right technique, but cannot explain how to perform it." - when promoting himself as the best badminton coach in the Philippines.

"Many coaches use techniques that they are unaware of, one such case is the initial step." - Again, promoting himself as a coach and emphasizing on his exclusive teaching skills.

Quick Facts:
-He was the Philippine singles open champion for 14 (fourteen) years.
-He placed second in the recent PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) doubles tournament. He also won the raffle grand prize of 5000 pesos.
-During his prime, he was nicknamed "Lighting" and often compares himself with Lee Chong Wei, the Malaysian badminton player and World's no. 1.
-If he was as good as his "prime," he predicts that he would be one of the top 25 players in the World for the singles category, as well as doubles, ...and even mixed doubles.
-He critisizes the technique of Lin Dan, the Chinese first singles player and gold medalist of the 2008 Olympics, saying that Lin Dan is only victorious in badminton due to his physical fitness, not skill.
-He once beat a former Thailand champion in a service point singles match. It was an upset.
-He is an official retailer of the "quantum pendant" and promotes its use.
-He is a well balanced player and specializes in lobs and his so called,"Dragon's Eye Smash", a line scraping full power smash executed in pure skill with a hint of deception, symbolizing his expertise as a shuttlecock marksman.
- His lobs are shooting lobs, or fast lobs, performed with the main goal of making the opponent flinch.
- He knows everyone in the Philippine badminton world, conversing with junior Philippine team members including Carlo Paguio, and Mikkel Puyat whenever he sees them.
-In addition, his trademark shot is an behind the back diving crosscourt reverse slice drop which he can only perform in the front half of the court.
-One student, whom he called the "wild horse" in the past was said to be "tamed" into an "elegant pony" worthy of tournaments of a satisfactory caliber. This certain student is the current 14 and under singles champion of the MPC.
- He never answers questions regarding his current skill, but instead speaks about his 14 year position as the Philippine champion.
-At the old age of 65, he can still win against the Manila Polo Club's badminton trainers, except for a single instance where he lost to an ex-waiter turned class C trainer.
-Often in his free time, he enjoys eating garlic flavored peanuts with white tail fish crisps. It is indeed a true Chinese delicacy.
-He argues that weight is mass and that they are completely the same, completely disregarding the basic foundation of modern day physics.
- Surprisingly, the technique he teaches is more of an Indonesian style rather than Chinese, since the Indonesian style makes use of scientific technology and physics.
-His famous stretching exercises include the "upside down belly flop", the "baby feet", and "frog jumps."
-He offers badminton lessons at various clubs including the Manila Polo. Here he teaches the trainers while he also coaches Polo Members for 700 per hour.
-Though sponsored by carlton, and a sales agent as well, he secretly sells Yonex strings.
-After a one-sided game between the badminton legend and a 15 year old french boy, in pure shock and surprise, the french boy fainted.
- At the age of 34 (thirty-four) he was still the country's national champion. - He is the only coach who has led the Philippine Girls Badminton team to win a gold medal in the SEA (Southeast Asian) games

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