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Carlos P. Romulo’s is considered as one of the best Filipino in the 20th century. His multifaceted career as educator, soldier, university president, journalist and diplomat spanned for more than 50 years.

He became the first Asian president of the United Nations General Assembly a few years after the Americans left the Philippines. After serving the U.N. for some time, he was tasked by the Philippine government to be the country’s Ambassador to Washington D.C. Later on, he also served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In a way, the key positions that he held in the government overshadowed his tremendous skills in writing. At 16, he was already working as a reporter for a newspaper company and became editor at the age of 20. Opportunities and success came in early for him. He became a publisher at 32.

Up to this day, his achievement as the only Asian to win USA’s coveted Pulitzer Prize in Journalism for a series of articles predicting the outbreak of World War II has yet to be surpassed.

He was able to publish a total of 18 books, with genres ranging from novel “The United,” autobiography “I Walked with Heroes,” and war-time memoirs “I Saw the Fall of the Philippines, Mother America, I See the Philippines Rise.” He also wrote a memoir when he was still working with the United Nations entitled “Forty Years: A Third World Soldier at the UN” and “The Philippine Presidents.”'s-I-AM-A-FILIPINO

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