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Ceferino Garcia

Ceferino Garcia (August 26, 1912 — January 1, 1981) was a champion boxer born in the Tondo, Manila, Philippines. His number of victories are the most ever achieved by a Philippine boxer. He's also the only boxer from the Philippines ever to become world champion at middleweight. He was managed, during the final years of his career by George Parnassus. Ceferino Garcia is commonly referred to as the inventor of the bolo punch. Though a Filipino boxer named Macario Flores was reported to be using the punch in 1924.

Early life

Ceferino Garcia was the son of Fortunato and Pascuala Garcia and was the oldest of six children. He never competed first grade and became quite indulge in gambling. At 15, he was feared by many that noboby would take him in street fight. He was also a skilled blacksmith.

Boxing Success

While working at a bakery in Cebu City, Garcia met a boxing promoter. This was where his career as boxer started.[1]

On September 23, 1937, Garcia first had a shot for a world title in the welterweight division. However, Barney Ross bested him by unanimous decision.

On October 2, 1939, Garcia fought for the world Middleweight title in the United States and won it. He defended that title three times until he lost to Ken Overlin on points.

His grave is located at Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery in North Hollywood, California.


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