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Alberto Florentino, a naturalized citizen from Manila, Philippines, has lived 20 years in New York City, NYS, since 1983, and lives with his wife in the heart of Times Square (a senior home). He wrote hundreds of plays for TV, cinema, and the stage, but resumed an "old love" for the short story.

His first story in many decades, "Indian-Giver," was chosen by Cecilia M. Brainard in her book, "Growing Up Filipino."

His next book is "Alberto Florentino: An Anthology of Life, Lives and Works, written in exile and diaspora from '83 to the presnt in Manhattan NY, Portland ORE, Los Angeles CA. Those familiar with his plays since '54 (The World Is an Apple) will notice that his world has changed to include his sojourns in the cities of the present world and the "interesting times" the Chinese warned us about.

He has dedicated these stories to David Medalla.

Alberto Florentino's website is

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