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Global MLM Network Marketing Opportunity

From Rads To Riches may sound like the "rags to riches" but, according to the man, it sure didn't happen as fast as just saying it.

Today, he looks like a successful family and business person. For this interview, he just came from church and just drove home his wife and two kids. He is now one of the largest distributors of Resensa Green Iced Tea, the flagship product of Harmonde, a direct marketing distribution company.

Rads now only works for, at the most, four hours in a day, and often uses his cellphone for doing his business. He helps his wife teach their kids under a home study program and goes out with them several times a week. His family has just moved to a bigger home as his wife will soon give birth to their third child.

But in truth, Rads treaded a not too unfamiliar path for those who come from similar backgrounds.

Reynaldo Antonio Datol Sy or Rads is second among four kids in a family that mostly lived just barely above subsistence and had a private secretary-mom and a banker-dad who later went separate ways.

Rads shares that he was as a "bad boy" way back then. "I was into drugs and petty crimes. I was known for the most reasons in our place in La Loma. My parents had no time to look over us and I made full use of it to have my own kind of fun."

His life bounced back slowly but dramatically after experiencing a spiritual rebirth and engaging himself in his own vision of success.

After becoming a Christian, however, things did not turn out well fast. He plunged to his lowest ebb - he became a taong grasa, living on park benches. He used more drugs than ever before and slept in drug pushers' dens. This, after his family kicked him out of the house for being La Loma's worst drinker and for his drug addiction.

"I had nothing. For maybe a year, I owe the same clothes, did not take a bath and did not know where to get food," Rads shares. "I became a certified hobo."

Rads explains that "what helped me turn around from bad to good is a vision - that I could do big things with God's help, and that I could work so that my own family would be spared the hardships and horror I experienced."

"I started by pulling away from things and persons that kept me down. I started to g to church often and met new friends, real friends," he said.

His vision later found substance in product distribution and network marketing.

"I heard one of the business leaders speak about achieving prosperity by giving the highest premium to one's wife and kids. That took hold of me," said Rads.

"What is good about product distribution or network marketing is that it levels the playing field. No credentials are required - just sheer determination and hours of hard work," Rads said.

He adds that "it offered hope to me and people like me who had less in life, had no college diploma and with no heirlooms to expect."

And so in 1999, he plunged himself into a four-month long study of the product distribution system and network marketing. "I attended seminars everyday and listened intently to the speakers. I even recorded their talks so I could review when I got home."

Starting as a distributor of the local branch of Issho Genki Corporation, Rads slowly built his own network of buyers and sellers of Squalene nutritional supplement.

This meant that he had to do house calls, knocking on every door in several blocks. "Things went well because I was not selling to them outright but making acquaintances and friends. They may not buy my product but we end up as friends."

The strategy pulled off. "I had a take home pay of between P12,000 to P20,000 a month at that time," Rads confides.

"I was able to buy my own car in just five months," he adds.

Two years of hard, arduous work later, he was working for Trevoca and involved in US dollar-denominated sales. "My earnings were in US dollars too. I was taking home as much as US$3,000 a week."

In due time, Rads moved out of his inlaws' house in La Loma to a private condominium.

But Rads painstakingly explains that success is "not just about earning money but enjoying the extra time that goes with it and the added options one get from being in such as rewarding position."

"In Issho Genki, Trevoca and now at Harmonde, the best thing I learned is that network marketing and product distribution is not primarily about earning money. Earnings and big bucks do not come easy. One has to help others first. Without helping others, a network will fail," Rads said.

"I learned and I now teach to newbies that if one does the work, gather as many friends and convince them that we could do better together, one will surely get rich in time and money," he added.

He explains that Harmonde is "totally different with so-called pyramid schemes because we offer and distribute an actual product. A distributor invests into Harmonde based on the number of packs or boxes of Resensa Green Iced Tea they could distribute."

Already, Resensa Green Iced Tea has caught the fancy of a lot of celebrities like Claudine Barretto, Kris Aquino, Connie Reyes and Vilma Santos, to name a few, says Rads. "It's a very attractive product. It is tasty, refreshing and gives the best bang for a buck. Its actually a health drink that is rich in catechins, the most powerful antioxidants known today."

Rads points to various studies have proven Resensa Green Iced Tea's capability to refresh the body, control blood pressure, protect against heart diseases, prevent cancer, manage proper body weight, deter food poisoning and delay aging.

A recent study says the Harmonde product have proven positive effects on diabetes patients.

"Our credibility - of both our product and our distribution system - may be unequalled because of the specialists' testimonies on the efficacy of Resensa Green Iced Tea and Harmonde's electronic payment systems with credible financial institutions like Metrobank, Unionbank and Equitable Visa/Mastercard," Rads said.

"People will eventually see if you are just manipulating them. That is not a problem with Harmonde distributor invests, we given them our product which they sell at a profit."

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