Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Christine Mendoza

Christine Mendoza was born in California but was raised in Bulacan in the Philippines before coming back to the US in her early teens. Soon after turning 18 she signed with JaMmin Productions and started her modeling career. She is known within the car import along with Francine Dee and Tila Nguyen, although she remains exclusively a non-nude model. She has a younger sister and lived in Ventura County, California before moving to Los Angeles for her modeling career.

She was a bright student. When she first posed for a magazine cover, her filipina mother went enraged. [1]

Her recently released website has received great responses from the public. Like Francine Dee, she's one of the power girls that The P is managing

She was recently included (short glimpses) in the music video "Bebot" of Black Eyed Peas (from the album Monkey Business).

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