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Jolina Magdangal was only eleven years old when she entered showbiz and she was known of her colorful and dazzling accessories. When she was a child, she was very fond of fashion accessories like earrings, necklaces and bracelets. She was meticulous and thinks how to make her own designs.

Jolina experimented with beads, nylon and wires which was bought from Divisoria and Quiapo. Then she wore her creations on all her shows. Soon many of her acquaintances, friends and fans in showbiz began ordering and buying her accessories. She use her spare time making jewelries and fashion accessories and usually over ten pieces a week. Because of her love and talent for making those jewelry, she taught of making it into a business. Then she started her family business named Jolina’s Fashion Gallery on November 1998.

She and her sister were assigned to the design and her parents in finance. And obviously, since she was in showbiz, advertising was part of her job too. Her store doesn’t only sell fashion accessories, also t-shirts, dolls, bags and other fashion items. Using TV shows and bazaars as means of promotion in just two years she got her investment back. Truly she’s one of a kind entrepreneur and despite of being a celebrity and young age she has this “entrepreneur spirit”. She also host the Masigasig TV show that features entrepreneurs tips and success stories.

And last but not the least, this is her advise to budding entrepreneurs: “The business that you should have should be your passion. There will be ups and downs, so in order for you to stay in business you should love what you are doing”

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