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Passion for work and determination to succeed. These are the secret traits of businesswoman, M.B.A. and Ph. D. holder Emelina Pulido Talaue for her successful real estate marketing business. And for every hard work, this top woman of Praise Realty exactly knows how to add a dollop of humility, ounces of good example, and a whip of faith perfectly top of service she extends her clients. She believes her Creator blesses those who have sincere intentions. And indeed, Miss Talaue has been blessed a fold throughout her modest toil as a sales agent, and now as President and CEO of her corporation.

The road to success hadn't been easy for this mother of four. She came from an impoverished family, but one of that ingrained in her the values of hard work and discipline. Her career technically started when she worked as Head of Operations in a multi-national company producing semi-conductors. But being the devoted mother that she was, Miss Talaue resigned when she couldn't anymore work late nights after the birth of her first child.

Then she joined a real estate company as a sales agent, wherein was taught the corporate workplace discipline. Because her company gave a premium on sales agent as "key movers", Miss Talaue saw her career blossoming. She saw her taking a first-hand crash course in real estate operation and management.

"I thought at time that I have to make good in this (job). Because there's the career, the fulfillment and the income potential," she said.

Miss Talaue was already on the top ladder of her company as assistant vice president when a great vision unfolded before her eyes. "A 'burden' from God came," she explained. "When I looked at my client, I realized this is not my mission. I think my essence was not for me to sell.

And so with this thought, Miss Talaue packed her stuff - even with an awaiting promotion for the position of assistant vice president and worked hard to put up her own company: A real estate marketing corporation which she named Praised Realty.

Her pastor once told her to believe in her dream and the Lord relieved her of her undertaking. "From then on, everything seemed to fit together. The Lord made everything possible. So I said, 'as long as the Lord wanted me to manage this company, so it will be done."

"This is why I am always particular about keeping my commitments to my clients, agent, staff, and to everybody in the business," she said.

A new path to challenge and hardships opened for the goal driven Miss Talaue and her new company. But the determined career woman confronted the burdens courageously, leading her flock employees like a resolute, compassionate mother.

"I am not that authoritative, I go for a conservative, approach in leadership. Through the years my managing directors have stayed with me; we reached 14 years already!" she exclaimed. Miss Talaue's team of top management prioritizes the voice of their employees.

"Together with my team, I talk them to ask for their opinions. But still I am the captain who propells the ship in the right directions. I would like to see that my team goes along with me. And they are all very supportive. I taught my people to practice entrepreneurship in steering the business. They are all co-owners.

Praise Realty serves as a marketing agency to land developers. Through the years it has earned the trust of real big estate developers, and even forged partnership with them as an exclusive broker.

Success came and multitudes through such partnerships, but Miss Talaue admits these agreements involve a lot of pressure and work.

"Walang pahinga talaga ako! You know, even my staffing complement was wondering where I get my energy. I have a lot of projects. There are a lot of developers, and these developers have projects in many places with varying development concepts. Commitment is really needed in this line of work. That's why I barely find time to relax or have a vacation," she said.

Sleep comes when the devoted mother and entrepreneur is on the road of her appointments, wherein she leaves everything to the able hands of her driver. With her new office located at home, it's difficult for this top woman to take time off from work. She's on call 24 hour's a day, so to speak.

"I sleep whenever there's a chance. When I'm on my way to appointments, I try to catch sleep while on the road," she said. Her work allows it.

But Miss Talaue's greatest energy booster is her faith. "I am very active in the church. You may call it (finding) inner peace. When we are one with the Lord, all the burden cast on you will be lifted," the entrepreneur said, with a glow unmistakable in her eyes.

And what is success? The lady president defines it a fulfillment of her goal, including of her employees, and the entire company. Read on to find out how Chief Executive Officer Talaue continues to weave her way to success, with ounce of her passion, heart, and good work invested on each endeavor.

What is your style of leadership?

Emelina Talaue (ET): We work in consensus with each other. I value their in opinions and they and they have been very supportive. I am very transparent in the office, too. My employees know how much commission the company is getting from our developers. So when I push them, they really work. They know I don't miss paying commissions. That is why we are highly respected in the industry. When the developer pays, I pay my agents on time.

How do you motivate and inspire your people?

E.T: I lead by example. They knew how I started. I belong to one of the poorest families in my province before. I really told them, if you give your heart in whatever you do, there is no way that you would accomplished that-under God's grace, of course. So I motivate them, showing how things could happen if we focus on something.


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